shoe.jpgTomorrow is the Platte Half Marathon. Think good thoughts for me from 9 until 10:30. I'm ready to go into this race and give it my all. My last half was on June 3rd, so it's been a little while. Time to shake the cobwebs out of this distance. I am racing this race in a new pair of ultra light trainers by Saucony called the Grid Sinister. They are pink and quite flashy. They aren't quite a racing shoe, but a super light shoe that will get me through halfs and even marathons.

Preparing for this race has been interesting. I have had a few challenges along the way, but I feel calm and ready for whatever race days throws at me. I have a starting pace I would like to stick to and a goal time, but other than that I am just ready for the experience. Whatever comes my way, I am ready to practice responding rather than reacting.

Off to bed!