vsnrtt.jpg I drove down to Boulder to pick up a set of the Vision Tech R-bend Alloy Aerobars from Excel Sports. They were really friendly on the phone and were a whole $20 cheeper than any other site on the web. Since I wanted to install them prior to Wednesdays workout I turned up the music, rolled down all the windows and the sunroof and jetted up to Boulder to snag them.

After doing just one workout in them I am really excited about them. I'm stoked that I actually have something to grab onto. My prior bars were just too short for me so I rested on them, but never got any leverage out of them. With the new ones I can pull upwards to engage my core and I can climb minor hills without coming off them.

Wednesdays workout was the first time this year that I am back in time trial position settling the upper body, working the legs, and remembering just how painful it is to go fast. Ouch. Luckily I had Steve out there with me today to draft off half the time as we took turns battling the winds. The 30 minute run off the bike had me red-lining immediately. I thought my heart was making an exit out my throat. Eventually we settled in, but it was a wake up call.

My first triathlon is 10 days away. The games are about to begin.

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