Annabelle had her very delayed 12 month visit to the Pediatrician today. She will be 15 months in 10 days (she is supposed to come in then too). So we combined the appointments today, which meant a double dose of vaccinations :(.
She handled her vaxs extremely well this time, much better than all previous visits. I assume it's because Troy was there and she was on "big-girl"/"make a liar out of mommy" behavior. She screamed while they administered the shots and then crawled into dads arms and promptly calmed down.
The ped would like us to work on her sleep issues and her solid food issues. She is drinking about 2X as much milk as he would like to see, and not nearly as much solids as he would hope, but he assured me that as I stop offering the milk as often and let her get a little more hungry, her appetite for solids should pick up. He also thinks as the solids pick up, so will the sleep, especially if we put our foot down and stop offering bottles at night. This is going to be tough, Troy feels it's the right direction, as do I, so we will be heading that way.
Her stats were once again hilarious, today she is 20 pounds, 2 ounces (12th percentile) in weight, and 32.5 inches (96th percentile) in height. Her head is normal, 18 inches (55th percentile).

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