Happy Earth Day! I hope you are doing something friendly for our land today. Today is a great day to put some thought towards your current lifestyle. Do you do some things that you know are wasteful? What can you resolve to do this year to cut down on your energy consumption, or the waste you create? In celebration of Earth Day I used some of Troys shirts that were headed for the Goodwill to make some reusable shopping bags. I simply cut a square out of the collar area, cut the sleeves off and sewed up all the cut edges including the bottom. I got the idea from the BaggyShirts booth at the Sustainability fair this weekend at the Denver Botanic Gardens. This would be the perfect first sewing project if you are new to the sport!



Another great idea is to plant a garden. Local homegrown produce is unbeatable in terms of taste and environmental consciousness. Even apartment living is garden-able. I currently have an herb box, a lettuce box, two tomato plants, and two snap pea plants thriving. You don't even need a balcony, just some sunny windows! Check out my new garden pictures.


If you are in the Denver area, Tattered Cover is offering a free book bag to anyone who purchases a book at any of their locations today.

Also my friend over at Crunchy Domestic Goddess posted about a great free coloring book for you kiddos that you just have to print.

Have a wonderful Earth Day!