logo4_250px.jpg Calling all triathletes!

Have you heard about Trakkers?

Do you often have friends and family hitting the "REFRESH" (F5) button on the results page waiting to see how you performed? I know that my parents and grandparents are often patiently awaiting to hear how I did in my races. Sometimes my friends see the results before I do.

Trakkers is developing this awesome new technology using GPS where an athlete can wear a cute little unit like a watch and information about your race will be displayed on a website REAL TIME. You strap on this little doo-job-er to your race belt, wrist, or arm, hit the start button and do your race. Meanwhile, the Trakker will be relaying location, pace, distance, heart rate, etc to a website that your friends and family can tune into!

Another cool feature...a panic button. If you get into trouble during a race you can press the panic button and your distress call will be relayed to organizers.

Trakkers is still in the development stage (I even get to help out with that process a little bit). They are aiming for a release date closer to the end of 2008. Working with Trakkers thus far has been super fun, they are taking the athletes perspective very seriously! I'll be updating you more along the way as I get more information.