I'm here in Knoxville, Tennessee at the Rev3 race, but, get this, I'M NOT RACING! Crazy, huh? This year I was offered a position with the Rev3 staff to work at three of the Rev3 events. For a company that is extremely family centered and family run I feel honored to have been asked to join the group. I said "yes" without a moments hesitation.

I raced two Rev3 races last year and really enjoyed my experience at both Quassy and Knoxville. They have built a reputation quickly in the triathlon community as family friendly well run, yet challenging, events. Now that I am working on the other side I totally understand why this is.

The atmosphere of the race is dictated by the people that put the event together. If a race you attend feels stuffy or anxious, it's because the race staff is. If you attend an event and you feel like they are money hungry, it's because they are. The event is a representation of how it is run and who is running it. Your inner feelings always shine through in event management.

The REV3 crew is family. It doesn't matter if they are related or not, everyone is treated as family and there are lots of "Unkle So-and-so", and "So and So Senior" and "So and So Junior" running around. I have been adopted, although my nickname has yet to be settled on, a few have been tossed out, but they involve cuss words...so I'm hoping a different one will stick. HA!

Above is Sandy, the Rev3 puppy. Recently rescued, I think everyone works better when there is a dog and a few kids running around....which there are here!

The crew runs a well oiled machine where everyone is willing to help anyone, athletes included. This race will pretty much bend over backwards for any individual athlete. Need to switch races, yup, need to be explained the course, yep, need special treatment, yep. They are all about helping the athlete and their family.

That...in a nutshell...is why I am here. I wanted to be involved with a triathlon company that wants to change the culture of what is expected at races. That change will come, because these folks are the real deal and because they are unique.

Anyways, I've bragged enough about the sweet crew I am working for. Oh, what am I doing? Besides helping with lots of odds and ends, I am primarily working for the timing boys, checking out chips and taking finish line jumbo-tron photos. It's work of the social variety and I absolutely love it and eat it up. I have felt more refreshed and rejuvenated here on site than I have in awhile.

These creepy eyes are watching down on us! It's okay, eyes, we are doing a good job and the athletes are having so much fun. I can't wait to take a turn on the inflatable tiger!

Hope to see you at the races!