Today was kick butt gardening day! Annie and I headed over to my friend Hillary's house to garden and make up some tomato cages. The kids were so cute playing together and Hil got this great shot of them together in the wagon! How cute and opposite are they?? tana-annie-2.jpg

I was able to plant up my zuccinni plant at her house. It was so nice to have the use of a backyard for gardening, that's the one thing I really miss about apartment living. Hillary made this great pasta for lunch that I have to get the recipe for, it had fruit in it and was totally tasty. I think her and I have similar tastes!

sonjas-zuchini.jpg Patio Zucchini plant

When I got home I tried to get Annie to take a nap since she fell asleep in the car...but no go, I just ended up falling asleep while she piled stuffed animals around me. I finally decided to get up and finish my garden on the patio. The tomatoes now have cages around them, and the zucchini plant has a spot on the balcony. Here is a shot of the two tomatos and the zucchini.


And lastly a shot of my garden in a galvanized tub. There is a tomato plant in the middle, basil around the front, cucumber in the back, and green beans from seed around the back. dscn1853.jpg