Woot, I'm so back. If you noticed, my blogging has been a little less frequent recently. I finally realized why. I lost my camera on the Lost Coast. I LOVED my little camera. I went everywhere with that darn thing. While I am not a very good photographer, I really love taking pictures. I thought I could do without, I thought my iPhone would do. Not so Sonja, not so!

I got an underwater video camera, I thought I could use that. I didn't. So a few days ago I bought a new waterproof, shockproof, dropproof, freezeproof, dustproof camera. A camera with these perks is really the only one I can handle. I used to have an Olympus Stylus, but Costco doesn't sell them any more so now I am sporting a Fuji XP. We shall see how it holds up, I am the ultimate test. Now if they could only come up with LostOntheLostCoastproof!

Michelle and I are also tapering this week. This has been good and bad. The good is that volume is reduced and I'm starting to feel like my workouts are not "out of body experiences". The lead weights that my arms had become are starting to get a little snap back. It's been nice to have time to do laundry and swiffer the kitchen floor (that was needed). The bad is that my mood is a little wonky and I've cried 3 times in the last three days. I suppose it's just how the cookie crumbles.

Speaking of cookies, Michelle and I had a date today, did I mention that tapering is FUN! It was really fun. We started off with a bike ride in the resevoir. See we both live next to Cherry Creek State Park and it's kinda our backyard. We went for a spin together and were both happy and peppy.

You can see the lake in the background and the mountains a little bit. It's really pretty out in the park right now, very green and still lush.

Then I made her lunch, some Salmon and a nice veggie feta salad. Then we headed to the movies, YES, the MOVIES! We even baked a batch of HEALTHY banana chocolate chip cookies for the occasion. I feel like we should have made out after the movie or something, but she just dropped me off.

Did I mention that Troy is out of town right now? Yes, he left the tapering, moody, triathlete to fend for herself this week. Poor Annabelle. He's off having fun with his dude friends and my parents are flying in Friday to rescue me from myself.

Annie is already over it! Dad is so much more fun than mom!

As the week goes on and I start to assemble my game face I am reminded how much I love this sport, how excited I am to race Boulder 70.3, and how lucky I am that all my body parts function wonderfully. I have great people who support me and catch me when I fall, or dry my tears when I cry. I really do have amazing people in my life. As I put together the pieces this week for the final uumph towards Kona, I can't help to think "What a life." I can't believe this is my life, I will always look back and know that these were the days when I was living fully alive and I was effected completely by everything around me. A sponge.