It feels like yesterday when I posted this post. Yup, I totally started this blog to talk about A-B-Bo, AKA Pookette (as she was called in my tummy). Now I look down at the extreemly tall and lankly 5 year old snoozing on the couch next to me and I can't help but wonder "what happened?" Wednesday Annabelle started Kindergarten. I wish I could have her home with me another 5 years, but the kiddos grow up and you have to let them go and let them fly. When letting them go, it's best to send them off with a Hello Kitty backpack and some money on their lunch card!

Annabelle drove me stark raving mad the first two years of her life. She hated nursing, she hated sleeping, she didn't ever sit still, and she ate like an anorexic bird.

But now, I have the most kind, loving, and amazing 5 year old little girl. She has truly been the greatest gift of my life and I thank Troy every day for joining me in this journey with her.

Annie was excited and ecstatic to go to Kindergarten. She's the most social and non shy only child you will ever meet. She loves people, LOVES PEOPLE. She's been known to start conversations with all sorts of people that don't really want to talk to her (80 year old men at the airport, on-duty police officers, soccer moms sitting in their car on their cell phone, I could go on and on).

She loves her family. She thinks highly of both Troy and I and although she attempts to "negotiate" at times, she generally follows directions, and minds her manners. She doesn't have an ornery bone in her body, she's a class act do-gooder.

Since we live right next to the school we will walk to and from school every day. The first day of school we are walking over and she says "Maybe I can walk by myself to school." Did I cry when she said Did I want to...yes.

How is she so independent already? I know she didn't mean to hurt my feelings, she just thought she was ready to have a go at it alone. She's a strong one, my child. She knows she can make her way in this world. She's confident.

When I dropped her off on her first day it was hard not to get teary in front of her. Here she was standing in line, ready and willing to go to school even though she had no idea what that actually entailed. She's 3 inches taller than everyone in her class, so she stands there towering over all the other kids, with this huge smile, and these huge excited eyebrows.


And just like that, her teacher said "You can leave parents" and he lead them all into the school. We just had to stand there and watch them disapear. All grown up, ready to conquer the world. Little future moms, and athletes, and doctors and lawyers. The class of 2024.

She blew me a kiss. Awful nice of her I think.

I turned around, walked home by myself, with tears streaming down my cheeks.

It's been a rough week.