Hellllllo quiet blog! The last few weeks have been event filled, but I haven't been creative enough to get anything written down here. The weeks have had some great days, really fantastic highs. There have been some lows too. I have continued to try to learn from both and move forward in the best way possible. I thought I would catch you up on a few fun things that have been going on. Probably the most exciting was Jen making it to Kona. As most of you know, I started coaching this year. It's something I take really seriously. I took on a mix of athletes that I though would challenge me, and that I thought would be responsive to my style. Jen excited me because she had 2 IMs under her belt, a marathon background, but she was trying to make that switch to being a triathlete. It's a hard switch for a previous marathoner. You can't train for an IM like a marathoner, you have to think of all three sports and the balance between the three and between your strengths and limiters. Tracking Jen at IM Canada was really fun, and it's exciting to know that she is headed to Kona as a result of all her hard work.

This is what it looks like when you didn't think you were going to get a slot and you did. I love this picture. GoJen!!!

Let's see, Michelle and I have had a few strange experiences over the last few weeks. We almost never discuss wardrobe choices but always seems to show up wearing the same outfits. This one particularly made me laugh. We went out for  along run, met each other early in the morning, and we were matching. The purple and white Punk Rock Racing shirt is my favorite running shirt right now. The fit on it is perfect.

Our new Quintana Roo steads are no longer feeling so new. We have put a few thousand miles on them, adjusted, readjusted, tinkered, and retinkered with them. We've switched up saddles, PIC on an Adamo, me on a Cobb. We added theXLab Torpedo to our aerobars after coveting Angelas for long enough. Blackjack is definitely all dialed in for Kona. My bike fits me, it's comfortable, and it's fast, that's all a girl could really ask for, right?

Here's the girls hanging out at the bike rack in Ward. We've been up there a few times this year, but this was a first for racking the bikes, and actually going into the store for refreshment. Double Trouble.

I think this was the all time weirdest, yet coolest thing we saw over the last few weeks on one of our easy bike path spins. We were headed towards REI on the Cherry Creek Bike Path when we passed this guy. I think the mustache and bow tie really completes the look. Michelle and I secretly wanted to take it for a spin, but we just tried to pass as safely as possible.

This weekend is a big weekend for triathlon. It's the 70.3 World Championships and the first time they will be held in Las Vegas. I turned down my spot for this race when I qualified at both Racine and Boulder 70.3s. It was a little hard to turn down the slot twice! It's a dicey call though. Kona is 4 weeks later and the Vegas course is both hilly and hot. Because this is the first year, nobody quite knows what the effect of racing Vegas and then heading to Kona will be. I seem to be the only one who isn't taking a stab at it...well Michelle and I...and Jen too. I just think if Kona is the race you are gunning for, then Vegas is a distraction. But I may be eating my words. Regardless, I'm really excited to track the race, and all the people I follow on twitter who are racing. I'm excited for them and I hope I get a chance to race this race at some point in the future.

For me, there is a nice little local 1/2 Ironman here on Sunday that I did last year called Harvest Moon. It's only 8-10 miles away from my house with a mellow swim, a safe bike course, and a straight forward run. It's a good Kona run through and last year I really enjoyed the race. I can sleep in my own bed, and flop in my own pool later than evening so it's pretty hard to pass up. I'm excited to get my feet wet again and to test the waters.

Last thing with the bits and pieces. Coaching! I have a few more slots if you are starting to think about next year. Just submit something through the "Contact me" if you want to discuss. I like the IM distance, that's where my passion lies. I'll probobly post another reminder in December if I have any slots left at that time as well.

Happy training, stay healthy, chase your dreams!