Yesterday is was COLD here in Denver. Michelle and I headed out for an easy and longish ride and we had to bundle up big time. It's the first day where we had to pull out all the layers. Also, Kona is hot (duh) so CV has been instructing us to over dress. One of PICs athletes (Peter) had kits made for his company (Nulite) and he gave each of us a full set up. I'm talking legs, arms, tri kits, cycling kits, jackets, the whole 9 yards. Very generous of Peter (thank you Peter).

So I decided to do it all up. I was matchy matchy top to bottom.

Andy Schleck...that's why you are reading...okay, here goes...but in my defence I had to paint the picture first.

So PIC and I are riding on the bike path, because our coach told us to, and well, we do what we are told. So we are riding along, about 2+ hours into the ride and we are headed homewards.

We head up a super steep little hill on the bike path and we've got a fairly decent amount of speed going into it. So what do I do, I quickly drop to my small chain ring. And because I'm so talented I stand up to climb out of the saddle right as I do this.

It is then that I have a Schleck moment and I drop my chain.

Have you ever tried to climb out of the saddle at the same moment you drop your chain?

Yup, Sonja is now air-born, up and over the handlebars, bike still attached to feet, total ENDO.

In my defense I was wise enough to tuck the head and shoulders. The elbow, knees and outer hand were the main contact point with the concrete bike path.

The funny thing is what happens after a crash. I hear Michelle laying down her bike and coming running over. "are you ok, are you ok". Oh it's just all very funny as I sit here typing it. I lay there in the bike path making sure I feel ok, but about to crack up at the same time.

So get this...on the one day that I have 40 thousand layers on, I crash my bike. I have less road rash than Annie gets when she cruises down the stairs on her belly. It's quite awesome. It reminds me of last year before Kona when I tripped on a 1/10th inch board and went down.

It's my annual pre Kona ENDO!

So, thank you to Peter, who supplied the cushion for the fall. By the way, you have to check out this kit, it's absolute hilarity. I think Peter told them to use every neon color that exists. And the leg warmers....yes I get looks, I get LOTS of looks. Ha!