It's underpants run day!! The best day of the year! It also means this blog should be mostly photos and less "talking", which I'm sure you will all appreciate. Michelle and I have been so excited about our play on Thing 1 and Thing 2...except PIC1 and PIC2 all week. A huge thanks goes out to Jamie for making our PIC logos, and to Ryan at KE for screening everything on.  We needed to get a swim in first so we headed out in our PIC1&2 outfits. We were already getting comments and looks. We went to the coffee boat and had a sip and then headed back in.

The water is quite crazy right now. The swells are pretty big and you get quite tossed around out there. I'm okay with it though, if I stays until race day, I'll be okay. I tried to stay with PIC today but we got a little separated, once when I thought I saw something jelly-like...stopped to look and there went her feet, another time because of a near collision. Whew!

After the swim we got suited up for the underwear run. It was so much fun, like SO much fun. I think our costumes were perfect for PIC and I, we had fun taking hundreds of pictures with all sorts of people and everyone thought we did a good job with them. We felt like celebrities. So, here are all the photos I can find, we tried to take shots with other people who were dressed up too. ENJOY!!!!!

After the run we headed to Quintana Roo. Brad HOOKED us up and they got us chairs to sit down while they worked away on our bikes. Thank you QR, Mac, Brad, and Kristi!!

While waiting for the bikes we had a great chat with Pro athlete Heather Wurtelealong with First Endurace Robert Kunz. Heather will also be rocking the EFS out there on the lava fields, and she has won St. George and Lake Placid this year using FE products. It works!!! Oh, and way back when I was first turned on to First Endurance I have to thank Heathers husband Treveor for taking the time to explain the entire line to me. I've never looked back.

We didn't want Heather to feel too tall...look at PIC and I, we are on our toes...

OK, this was COOL. One of the highlights of the day was when John Cobb approached me and introduced himself because I ride his saddle (insert any one of several awesome jokes here). I actually was riding my bike several weeks ago and was thinking what I would say if I ever met him (odd...I know). I got to ask him a ton of questions and that was really neat for me!

Next up was the TYR house for our pre race interview, and lots of goodies from them. I felt like such a sponsored athlete. The TYR folks were just so kind, and giving, and sweet to us. Thanks to each of them for their generosity with us. PIC and I did a fun little interview with them, we will have to track it down!

After that...and well, yet another Acai Bowl, PIC and I headed to the house to officially get off our feet. We tried to lay low but it was hard. Lots of chatting.

This evening was the welcome dinner. It was awesome...until the torrential downpour. That was wild and we had to cut out and seek shelter.

This welcome dinner marked the turning point. Things are very real now, no more "ooh, I'm in Kona." It's serious. It's time to be relentlessly diligent. There are people who have raced this race 27 times, Dave Scotts son is here for goodness sake. Lou Hollander is 81 this year, and still looks about 60. The underwear run started the day off whimsically, the welcome dinner ended it seriously. 2 more sleeps...