Jen and Mark joined me today in Boulder for a long ride. My longest ride since Kona actually. It was a gorgeous day out, nearly perfect and the weather was warm enough to not lose the feeling in my toes. Such a bonus.

Jen had quite a strong ride today, have to give her kudos there. It was great to have Mark, her hubby, along as well. I had a giggle when he pulled out two bagel PB&J sandwiches out of his pockets. The man was prepared!

We rode to Masonville and back, one of my top 3 rides in Boulder, and we get to ride down my favorite super secret awesome road that I love and that has a waterfall. Total highlight.

I got to ride Ironman tempo for a long long time. It's the perfect heart rate where you can't really think about much, you have to stay in the moment, but it doesn't hurt so bad that every 5 minutes you are counting down until your done. It's the sweet spot. The Zen pace of training.

Today was the best day of training I have had since Kona. Today reminded me why I love this (which is easy to loose sight of in my basement on the trainer).

Afterwards when I made a quick pit stop at Whole Paycheck for some to go food or the ride home the above picture was painted on the pavement. Smile indeed!