When we bought our new house last May the Montreal moving companies we hired did a fantastic job, we were installed and unpacked in no time, ready to enjoy our new home. One of the really exciting parts about it was the dungeon. There is a sub-subterranean room in the house that is buried beyond the laundry room. The house is 4 levels and the sweat dungeon is the bottom level. Nice and cool, a place where you can blast music loud and not even hear it on level 1..or 2..or 3! Since Michelle and I have been spending a lot of time on the trainer I worked on getting the sweat dungeon all set up. It started with a table. Then we added towels, and food, and EFS...and NUUN. Thanks to the new Kurt Kinetic I have two trainers. Michelle started just leaving her bike at my house permanently. Why take it on and off the trainer? Plus, the girls get in less trouble when they are together. We love our set up, I hope for everyone to get a good workout on on the proper gear for them, I got my bike knowledge from BikesReviewed.com, I would recommend that to anyone looking for a decent bike.

Then we had some really really hard intervals. I found that my little plug your iPod into speaker system just wasn't cutting it. Not loud enough to drown out the pain. So I got a sweet Bose speaker system for the dungeon that hooks into the iPhone. Michelle and I were so excited and it was such a perk for the dungeon. We did a happy dance for a week over that one.

Then we had some long rides and we were watching movies. Both of our necks were getting a little stiff because we were staring at my tiny lap top computer screen. So I begged Troy to get us (us meaning PIC and I) a TV for the dungeon. We don't even own a TV. Don't worry I'm not signing up for cable or anything. I wanted one that would plug into my computer and play whatever your computer was playing so we could watch Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, etc etc. I wanted it mounted to the wall. SO FANCY!

I've been addicted to Big Bang Theory recently. Cracks me up...plus I am married to a guy who belongs in the show.

The walls were still pretty bare so last weekend I pulled out all my race numbers over the years that used to decorate the hallway in our old apartment and got them up on the walls. I figure when I get to the bottom of the wall, I will retire!! Looks like about 7-10 more years. I put up posters and medals and tried to make it all over kinda inspirational. It's like a race number wave, and now that I see it here, it's very lopsided looking. Oh well, it's not HGTV!

The final touch was thanks to Audra and Troy. A TRX mounted into the ceiling! Now if I can just get Audra back here to teach me how to hurt myself! I think they have classes at Greenwood Athletic Club so I am going to have to attend a few.

It's really nice to have my own space for all my TRI stuff. It even has two closets for me to stuff all sorts of extras that have added up over the years. Michelle and I have put many hours into the dungeon this winter and even though spring is in the air, I sense that there are many more hours to come in here. Time just has a way of disappearing down there, sometimes we emerge from the dungeon 4 hours after going down, only to find it has snowed several inches, or it's gorgeous outside. It's nice to have a space to contain the pain...and our stench!