This is a HUGE weekend for me. I'm headed to my first Rev3 race to work. I worked several events last year for them and had so much fun that I'm back this year for more. This time I'm dragging Michelle with me and we are in charge of transition. Should be a pretty steep learning curve, I can't wait to see the Rev3 family again. It's also a huge weekend for me in that 10 (TEN) of my athletes are racing this weekend. It's been a busy last few days as I make contact with everyone, settle some nerves, and talk a few off the ledge. It's like all the emotion of my own taper, multiplied by TEN. 5 Ironman Saint George participants, 4 1/2 Ironman participants (3 at Rev3) and 1 marathon, what a weekend! That's 1,010.40 miles of racing!!!!!

I've always be a highly emotional and empathetic person. I like to say that nobody cries alone in my presence. Not such a good trait when I was in the business world, but a darn good trait for training other athletes, and helping them to their goals.

Although all my ponies keep me at a gallop, I love each and every one of them. I feel like that reality show lady on TLC that has all those kids. I work hard to give each of them the work they need and I try hard to be there for them when they need me. As with all things it's a work in progress and I'm always thinking about how I can give more of myself and my knowledge to them.

I sat back today and realized that I will have 10 athletes standing on a start line this weekend and they are all fitter than they started, not one of them is sick, and not one of them is injured (save for James who with 30 IMs on the schedule this year is basically in a perpetual state of injury in some manner). They are all tapered, and they all have a race plan. I consider this to be a minor miracle.

As I go into this busy weekend I can't wait to see what unfolds. So much work has been laid down, it will be so much fun to follow along during their race experiences.

So good luck to those of you racing! I can't wait to hear all the stories of how you negotiated the obstacles of the day and thrived in adversity!