3 - the number of triathlon coaches I've worked with, each complete opposites 2 - the number of times I've been to Kona, my favorite place in the world

7 - the number of Ironmans I will have stood on the start line of come Sunday morning

327 - if you are into literature

327 - or more into facts

327 - or possibly food


Our airplane departs bright and early Thursday morning. I'm checking a bike box and a huge bag and carrying on a backpack. Troy and Annie are each carrying on a tiny backpack.

We are staying at the cheapest motel in CDA. But we stayed there 2 years ago and cheep is how we roll. Home is where your husband and your daughter are...and where your bike box is. So what if the room needs a little airing out?

I am 100% healthy. Not a niggle, not one issue, nothing standing between me and my best effort other than the space between my ears. This is the 7th ironman start line I have stood on completely healthy.

I am really on the starting line because so many of my friends signed up for the race and I didn't want to miss the party or their finishes. I will be there!

I will go to the midnight finish...because I will still be there.

I will cry at the midnight finish...always do.

I will wear my finishers medal and cap to the midnight finish.

There is a little hill in the middle of the CDA run course that I will visit and spend some quiet time there... doing who knows... not during the race though.

I have two athletes racing, it's both of their 1st Ironmans. They are both scared and excited and I know how they feel.

I love Troy and Annie more than I ever thought was possible.

I will give all I have to this race. Every last ounce.

The number of words in this post?