So I have to give Tyler a little shout out. He's caught the blogging bug and I'm lovin' it. My friend Tyler is one of the most fun guys I know to hang around. He's got a great head on his shoulders and knows how to work hard when he needs to. He's the one coming up with the Alphabet Game to play on long bike rides (you'll have to join us to know about that one), but when it comes time to climb, the boy drops the hammer. His triathlon blog is great and I strongly urge you all to meander on over and check it out. Leave a little comment love and let him know what he's doing is inspiring. He's a dad of three and with the support of his wife Anne he fits it ALL in.

He's always willing to throw in a little Booo-Yaa to the mix. Enthusiasm, exuberance, yet kindness and inclusiveness are constants with Tyler. He's just a class act dude.

He ends every post with "I love you Anne" which just makes my heart melt. Check out his blog here.