Last week Troy and I celebrated the 10 year mark of being married. 10 years! It's gone by so fast. When I look at the photos I feel like we were so young, but I feel like the same girl that was in those photos. I guess I talk a bit nicer to myself nowadays, and I am a stronger woman, and thus able to be a better partner. I think the years have been kind to our marriage. Sure we have our gripes, but 95% of the time we are happy come home to each other after our days work.

He still looks at me like that every day. And also...I was plumper... happens.

In the last 10 years we really have been busy making this:

And we have done well. She is a doll and the best work we have done together has been to raise her and show her the world. So many wonderful years to come with this as well.

We decided the new anniversary tradition would be a timed mile in the pool together. Coach Nick counted our laps for us. I am so impressed with Troy, over the last 6 months he has basically caught up to me in swimming. What took me 5.5 years, has taken him 6 months. I get a little sore about this every once in awhile, but alas, I will just have to swim harder. You can see below I swam a 23:31 and he swam a 23:44. dang! Boy did he swim it "wrong" though. I can't imagine how fast he's going to be when he learns to pace. I wonder what our 11th anniversary will be...

After the TT in the pool we realized that with all the fire bans there would be no firework shows. It was the first year since our wedding day that we didn't watch fireworks on the 4th. Therefore I headed out for a late long ride. I don't know how I've never made it up Loveland Pass from Idaho Springs, what a mistake on my part. It's my new favorite ride and I can't wait to get back up there. Here are some photos, it's just gorgeous, and with 4,500 feet of uninterrupted climbing in 47K, it's no slouch!

I think you can do the entire descent...30ish miles, without pedaling...but you would have to have mad skills to do it. I 30 times...if that!

Well, Troy, we made it 10 years. What can I say that hasn't been said? We work, we found that other person in the world that makes life fun and rewarding. We are in for the long haul and I'm really lucky to be your wife.

Happy Anniversary!