Wow has this been an exciting week of training so far. We attempted our Rollins pass ride on Wednesday and had to turn back due to snow. The pass is still blocked by several steeply sloping snow fields. A fall while crossing would result in an icy dip in an alpine lake. We were in the saddle for about 7 hours and our bikes saw the better part of some pretty gnarly terrain suitable for a mountain bike. On the up side I am now officially in love with riding up Golden Gate Canyon Road. It's a beautiful climb, just a few steep sections, and right about 18 miles of climbing with a few quick descents. This morning Tyler and I were out of our minds. We got it in our heads that waking up at 4:15am to make the 5am DU masters swim on the Fourth of July would be a FUN thing to do. Ouch. We did it, and I even got in my 20 min run afterwards, but if we hadn't been accountable to each other it never would have happened. 4:15 is just too early in the morning... especially on a holiday.

Speaking of is Troy and I's anniversary. Six years married. It's really gone by quickly. We sure have learned a lot about each other and about staying happy together in the last 6 years. I'm really proud that Troy is my husband, and I feel very blessed that he choose me to be his wife. I've learned over the last 6 years that staying happily married takes work, but that every ounce of work you put into your marriage, pays some hefty dividends. It's the communication and the "work" that helps you to create that special bond. There is something about jumping hurdles together that just makes life more fun. Troy and I have progressed through graduate school, first jobs, building careers, pregnancy, labor, and delivery of Annie, child rearing, fat times, loosing weight, over spending, budgeting, buying cars, selling cars, buying houses, selling houses, rock climbing, hiking, biking, 11 14ers climbed, cabin trips, road trips, backpacking, star gazing, dog walking, apartment gardening, running the bikes into the garage, transmission blowouts in BFE, and more farmers markets that I can count. I wouldn't have wanted to share all this with anyone else.

Happy Anniversary Troy, I love you!

Now...I'm gonna head to the store so I can make him some homemade pancakes when he wakes up. Happy 4th, and happy Birthday to the USA.