Doopy-Doo. Laa-Tee-Dah. Soooooo, hummm, what now?

I've been told/urged/requested by pretty much every one I know to take some time off. Like a month....or as PIC says...maybe two. I don't really even know what that means. Like, off meaning absolutely no swim bike run? Or just put the Garmin away and stay laxidasical about SBR? Me No No.

Is laxidasical a word? Spell check doesn't like it.

This week I've been going to Yoga. I hate yoga. But I keep going. My hamstring flexability is worse than 100% of the 70+ year old women in Gentle yoga...oh and all the guys too. I can not downward dog, can not touch my toes, and the worst... I can not sit with my feet straight out in front of me. Like just sit there, can't do it. So, I keep going to the yoga. Yes, THE yoga. It's good for me to just simmer the F down for awhile and be still.

But I can't say I'm comfortable with it.

Are all triathletes just hyper ADD compulsive exercisers? I don't even know what fitness and exercise looks like without SBR. So, I'm doing some new things to keep me entertained. I walked the dog at the dog park with Michelle yesterday. It was thrilling...

I had a reservation to go SUP in the res but it was bogus and they were closed. Not the most "with it" state park I might add, letting people make reservations when you closed for the season.

There is probably some Zumba in my future, and some indoor rock climbing, definitely some roller skating. I love roller skating.

Half of me wants to make all these decisions about next year. Get my schedule figured out and tied up, decide what direction I'm going to head, how it's all going to go down. But then another part of me knows I just need to let things sit for a  little while. Take some walks, think about other stuff. Take a chill pill.

So, that's what I'm doing. I'm delaying thinking. I'm just simmering.

It seems like in past years there was no break, I was onto the following year before the previous one ended. The "off season" was basically me swim/bike/running around and exercising without my Garmin. Some of my athletes are doing that as well. I can tell, I tell them to take time off, but they just put away the Garmin and call it good. It's not really time off folks. But, you can probably get away with it for a few years.

I know I lose my fitness very quickly. Every winter with just one month of reduced work I come into the season with low watts and slow running and high heart rate. But I'm trying to not think about that. It usually takes me until June before I feel like I am somewhat back. So this month or two is probobly going to tank me, but I think after 6 years going hard, it's time.

Did I just type 6 years.... 07/08/09/10/11/12 dang it, 6 years. Yea, this is probably long overdue.

So here's to embracing real time off. Whatever the heck that means. Here's to crappy yoga and sitting still and knitting and reading, and really trying to eat well and stay on track there so I don't have to combat lack of fitness and weight loss at the same time come January. Here's to embracing the break (shaaa...right).