For the past couple months I have been without a swimming home. I left Greenwood where I was swimming in hopes of finding a masters program where I had multiple people in my lane. I loved swimming at Greenwood, loved the facilities, and the boys I swam with, but I just needed more people to chase. My teammate Jenna was talking last night about this coach in Highlands Ranch that has a great Masters program. I swim in Highlands Ranch sometimes on Fridays b/c I like Suzy. It's a good Friday program, not too intense, but good work, so I was familiar with the pool.

So this morning I hit up the new Masters that Jenna had suggested. Oh my gosh! 8 lanes, 2-3 people per lane and my first impression of the coach was awesome. The workout was HARD, I think around 4200 yds when I totaled it. But it was a great variety of work and never once did it get mundane. I loved it. I was giving all my might to stay with the guy in front of me, but he was super strong and quite out of my reach.! People asked my name and were generally very friendly. The group has been around for sometime and they seem comfortable with each other.

The best thing? It's at 5:30 am. 5am is too early for me to swim, it means I have to get up at 4am. But 5:30, now that is totally doable. It's actually my favorite time to swim. That half hour makes a huge difference.

So, I'm hoping I found a new swimming home. If you are hunting for a strenuous, yet friendly group, check out Highlands Ranch 5:30am M/W/F. I believe he also coaches Tu/Th 11:30-1. Thanks Jenna!!