vegas1 Oh Yea Baby! We're in Vegas! Michelle and I flew here this morning to prepare for racing the 70.3 World Championships this weekend. Woo Hoo! World Champs!

It was awesome to see the swim course from the airplane. What wasn't so awesome was to go to the actual race site and take a look at the water. The quality is really really bad. I planned on attending the practice swim tomorrow, but after seeing it, I think the 30 or so minutes I will spend in it on race day is more than enough. Ewww!


Transition is LONG! Lots of running and it took a long time to find the mount line. Love the M-dot in duct tape. I thought that was impressive. The weather was quite hot.


We drove the course with coach after checking out T1 and I was happy to see that I have actually been on the course. The first 70.3 distance race that I ever did was on this course, and I won that race (I think there were 30 women). So I feel really good feelings on this bike course, it's got goo juju for me.

Nothing says Vegas like a pair of badass panties.


After our course recon (it was 109 on the bike course when we were driving it) we went out on the town with Mom and Dad. I forgot how fun Vegas is, and we had a lot this evening.

vegas5 vegas6 vegas7 vegas8

Tonight was fun, and tomorrow is business. It's always great to be traveling with PIC and with my parents too. It's easy to cut loose with them and to forget about the task at hand. Tomorrow we have the whole check your bags routine and then Sunday is race day. Whoop!