Quiet Blog. I bet you have been checking in, waiting for a post. I'm sorry. I've been thinking about you all, just wondering what to say to you. It seems to be "that time" in the season. The time where days click by slowly, and you find your mind wandering to the prospect of Nationals. How will it go down, will I have a good day? My friends, it's tough. I don't want you to expect things of me, and I don't want to set expectations upon myself. But, they have a way of creeping up anyways, don't they? My coach says it's easy to fly under the radar, to be unknown, but that with success comes being known, and expectations are placed upon you. The best thing I can do in these coming weeks is attempt to manage those expectations, to talk myself into having a fun race, and to keep a level head. Beyond that, what else can one ask for?

So, if you see me in the next few weeks, don't be afraid to give me a pat on the back, tell me that everything is going to be fine, and remind me that I know how to kick ass and take names when I need to.

Happy Training.

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