10. Wearing sports bras and running shorts to train because the weather is so nice 9. Having oodles of races to look forward to

8. Talking to my coach every day about how things are going

7. Seeing the workouts on my schedule get shorter and shorter

6. Eating like a teenager

5. Having the permission to focus on myself and my training

4. Having lots and lots of energy and never feeling worn down

3. Running sub 6-minute miles at track

2. All the awesome support my family, friends and sponsors have given me; I have truly ridden upon their shoulders

1. Being told to go fast and knowing that my body and my mind can handle it like I was born to do it

I'm packed to go, I'm totally ready, ready in the head, ready in the body, just ready to give it my all, leave nothing on the table, have fun, laugh, cry, probably get a little drunk at some point, be proud of what I have done this season. I'm prepared for whatever happens and I am content with where I am as an athlete. I love you all, thank you for reading this blog, and for all your kind words and phone calls. I'm not only racing for myself, but for all of you. Many humble thanks.