The quick and dirty. I swam my fanny off. 27:30, fastest swim EVAH!Mom told me I was 39th coming out of the water, so I knew to get into the top twenty I had to pass 19 ladies. I didn't wear a watch in the race which was great. On the first lap on the bike I got 9 girls, but they were getting fewer and farther between. On lap two my tally was up to 12. I had to get 7 on the run. I just picked them off and got 8 (one for extra at the end). Bike was like 3 minutes faster, run was a little under a minute faster. Overall 6-7 minutes faster than last year and I am totally stoked. 19th in my age group!!

Top 16 qualify for Worlds, and it rolls to 20th. I'll find out in three weeks if I got a spot. I had an amazing race, I am indeed a little intoxicated (hence the midnight post) and I am happy as a stinkin' clam. If I get a spot of if I don't ZERO regrets, totally satisfied. Full details come later.