Wake up: 7:00am Again about 8.5 hours of sleep. We had a meeting at Annies school to get to at 8am so I delayed breakfast until after that. I really shouldn't have, it was too long to wait. It also snowed last night and most of today. It was that early season snow that just coats everything and it was so beautiful. It really made me smile big time!

Breakfast: 9:30am

Egg Muffins, left over roasted Brussels Sprouts from last night, and 1/2 an avocado with RSR. I was hungry!! And this tasted great. These Egg Muffins really are a time saver!

photo 5

Yoga: 12:00pm

I went to yoga today. It's definitely time to start moving my body again. I'm horrible at yoga and a few times I just gave up and assumed Childs Pose until I could join back in. BUT, I thought that some of the poses would really highlight some deeper fatigue that I hadn't been feeling, and that was nonexistent. My body was in great shape even during some of the quad extensive work. Everything is coming along very nicely. I like to get back onto the yoga mat in the winter, then I stop when the season starts and never go back. Luckily yoga is always there when I'm ready to come back.

Lunch: 1:45pm

Left over Turkey Stuffing Loaf (so good) and a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocado. The dressing was my yummy avocado apple vinaigrette. I have to order more of this and some of the other flavors. Its so good! I cut up two very ripe pineapples today as well, and had some of that. They are pretty acidic and Annie hurt her tongue on them today (overdose).

photo 4

Snack: 3:00pm

I had some beef jerky and pumpkin seeds while I was relaxing today. My dad made me beef jerky and it's kinda like crack. I need to watch this...although it's almost all gone anyways. Troy can't help himself from it either.

Dinner: 6:30pm

For dinner I decided to recreate the ChopShop breakfast that I loved so much. I diced 3 sweet potatoes (small dice) and chopped an onion and some kale. I mixed it with EVOO and RSR and roasted it for 30 minutes at 400 degrees, then a few minutes with the broiler on to get some crunch.

photo 2

The kale got a little crispy but it was good! So then I scrambled 2 eggs with some ground beef mixed into the eggs. I topped the whole thing with 1/2 an avocado and salt and pepper. Oh my, it was so good. It turned out just like ChopShop and came together pretty quickly. The roasted veggies were enough to have some leftovers so I'll be able to do this again really quickly.

photo 1

Mood Grade: B

Today was a bit rough. I'm not exactly sure why, life I think. I was a bit more tired than normal, meetings at school always make me stressed and I have trouble rebounding back to a super happy place. Troy and I also had a hard conversation and there were some tears. So all in all it was just one of those days that you get through, and you are ready to move on from. I'm starting to feel that the healthy food is really keeping me as stable as possible. I look forward to putting together my meals, that's for sure.


I see the food now as full of opportunity. I keep thinking of things I want to make and experiment with. FINALLY, on day 16 my two books arrived that I ordered on Day 0. I'm so excited to try some recipes in here, and honestly to just sit down and read these cookbooks from start to finish. Am I the only one who does this? I read them like books. I went and bought cauliflower and coconut milk after just skimming the books this evening while I was making dinner. I think tomorrow I'm going to figure out this "cauliflower rice" that they speak of.

photo 3


I feel like sometime in the next week I'm going to start taking feeling good for granted. This is a feeling I am getting used to and I like it. I get a little sad when I think that I'm not going to appreciate it as much since the bad feelings are becoming a more distant memory. I wonder if that's why I see so many people doing 2..3..x whole30s. They want "oh, yea, this is what great feels like" to come back. So you eat some crap, feel bad, develop a new normal, and then make your way back to feeling great. I don't know. It's just a thought that popped into my head. I guess I just don't want that. I don't want to go back to crap. I like this me. But I don't even know if it's a maintainable thing, or what. Dunno.