Wake Up: 8:30am Oh lordy. Last night was a doozy. Troy and I watched a movie together after he put Annie down to bed. It was about dyslexia, which is something we have been learning about recently, deep breaths. It got us talking and it got me crying and the net result was the two of us going to bed at 1:00am and me getting 7.5 hours of sleep and waking up bummed out with really puffy eyes. I tried to make the best of my day, and really never thought of going towards food to put me in a better mood, but the wind was out of my sails for the early part of today.

Breakfast: 9:30am

Thank you Katie! I had a bowl of her soup topped with the rest of the left over bison I made the other day. SPICY, but I made it to the bottom of the bowl. When Katie gets back from IM Cozumel I will get the recipe from her. It has sweet potatoes and butternut squash and it's very smooth. Yum!

photo 4

Lunch: 1:10pm

I had left over African Stew. This is from Well Fed 2 and I made it last night for dinner. It was really good reheated and I topped it with some scallions. I'm trying to work through some of the leftovers I have in the fridge. Friday is payday and I can NOT WAIT to get allotted some more food money so I can make some new recipes!

photo 3

Movie: Hunger Games

So, I went for it! Michelle and her two girls and Troy, Annie and I went to see the Hunger Games movie today. Remember a few weeks back when I said that I WILL go see a movie and I will make it through it without popcorn? I knew Annie and Troy would get slurpies and popcorn and that was fine. I actually went and got it for them. I stood there with the big bag of popcorn, and I stuck my face in it and I SMELLED IT. Like not a little whiff, but a big solid bloodhound whiff. Then I took a picture of my reaction.

photo 5

Enough said!

Nope, didn't eat any popcorn. Didn't have any soda. I did have a baggy of pumpkin seeds and I ate an apple. I think it's just a habit to munch on things at the theatre, and I felt like that need was satisfied. I didn't really even have to exercise restraint. That was refreshing!

The bummer about the movie was that the minute they got into the dome and "business" started going down, Annie was not havin' it. So I offered myself up for sacrifice, and that was the end of the movie for her and I. We sat in on the end of Free Bird and waited for everyone else to get out of Hunger Games. I guess I'll have to rent it or something. No big deal.

Dinner: 6:20pm

Oh yea! I think I found something I can really dig. So, I've decided while I LOVE spaghetti squash, I don't like it as noodle replacement. However, HELLO Zucchini noodles! I used my veggie peeler and just kept peeling the whole zucchini. I sautéed them in ghee and some spices and topped it with leftover meat sauce. It was awesome.

photo 2


So today at noon I met my new Egg Lady! I was in a pretty low mood today, but this could not keep me down. She has 97 chickens, and lives out on the eastern plains. They are in a pasture, they have a coop, they are happy happy chickens. She sells her eggs at the Parker farmers market in the summer and they sell out in minutes. But in the winter, things are slower, there aren't any farmers markets, and so when she gets excess she turns to craigslist. She said about 1/2 of her chickens are laying right now and they are her babies. All I have to do is call or email her and she will meet me and get me eggs. Also, when summer rolls around she said I just have to reserve how many dozen I want and she will hold them for me at the farmers market. I MET AN EGG LADY!! Aren't they beautiful?

photo 1


Apparently I'm in the home stretch now of Whole30 and I'm supposed to start thinking about the end and what I'm going to do about it. Am I going to keep going? Have a special treat? Do the reintroduction phase? The answer is I don't know. I'm mostly focused on getting through Turkey day and then I thought I would start thinking about it. I'm leaning towards a Whole45 or Whole60 or WholeLIFE. But part of me thinks that's awful extreme. Am I crazy here? It's unrealistic to think that I'm not going to have ice cream for the rest of my life? Or is it. I'm not going to blog everyday the rest of my life (I don't think?) and this blog has really kept me accountable. Are there downsides to extending this, just in the hopes that I keep feeling as good as I feel now? Thoughts?