Wake Up: 9:00am I couldn't sleep last night. I was up until 1:30am. Yup, I get this sometimes, usually after a few late nights, I get wound up. I need to start shutting the computer off earlier bc I think the brightness really effects me.

Breakfast: 9:30am

A two egg omelet with salsa in it and no cheese (duh), 1/2 an avocado with salt and pepper, and some cucumber. I wasn't very hungry today and I knew I would just be sitting at the computer most the day working.

photo 3

Lunch: 1:45pm

Yea, still hadn't gone shopping so this was really a bottom of the barrel lunch! My last sweet potato (purple...LOVE) with a can of tuna over the top. I squeezed a lemon on it and added salt and pepper. The salad on the side was tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado with my apple/avocado oil. I ordered more of it yesterday! Nom! It was simple, but here's the weird thing, the tomatoes tasted like fish. I have found this a few times with the cheep cherry tomatoes. I think I need to stay away from these, I think they are genetically modified or something. "Something's fishy about those tomatoes"

Does my sweet potato match my toenails...why yes, yes it does...

photo 2

Dinner: 6:40pm

I put together a small grocery list and SuperTroy went to the store for me. I have been writing schedules all day and I had 3 athletes racing Ironman Cozumel today so I've been glued to the computer. But around 5:00pm my nerves were getting the best of me so I went down and made dinner. I made one of my favorite recipes of roasted veggies from Clean Start. Page 138 is the recipe for Herb Roasted Cauliflower with Shitake Mushrooms. But I just use normal mushrooms. You make this mixture in the food processor of sage, oregano, sea salt and EVOO. It's a pesto looking thing and then you coat the veggies in it and roast them. So good!

To go along side I have been hearing great things about the Salmon Cakes from Well Fed. I have never made salmon cakes before and I'll admit I was a little apprehensive. Page 138 in Well Fed 2 is the Oven Fried Salmon Cakes. I didn't have Old Bay Seasoning, and Troy couldn't find it at the store, but lucky for us at the bottom is a section that says "You know how you could do that" and gives ideas for substitutions. Genius! We substituted curry powder for the Old Bay. These were so easy...just follow the directions, and they were so so good. Everyone liked them, except Annie thought they were spicy. So she just had some eggs and extra veggies.

photo 1

Lies, and Studies:

The email today talked about wading through all the differing information out there on diet and health. I found this rather hilarious given yesterdays post on oil and my conundrum. It really is hard to wade through all the junk, and I get that you can't trust articles if the same site is selling something to remedy what the article warns about. But it's still hard. I also find reading pubmed articles to be impossible. I never know how to wade through those either. I really think highly of nutritionfacts.org He promotes a vegan lifestyle and that's a big part of why I'm trying to source VERY HIGH QUALITY meat products. Factory farming is not good stuff for my body or the environment.


The Evil Scale

With just a few days left in my Whole30 I have been thinking about what I want to do going forwards. I have decided I'm going for Whole45. I'm not ready for reintroduction and writing this blog has been really awesome. I want to get back into training and see how I'm feeling on Whole3045 before I get into reintroduction. So yea!!! WHOLE45!! I have just one question... really the only thing I'm looking forward to about day 30 is the scale. I've been told by so many people that I look thiner and I feel leaner. I didn't do Whole30 because I wanted to lose weight, I just wanted my headaches to go away and my mood to even out. Of course I want to see what the scale says now that I think it says something lower, I'm intrigued! So, do I weight on day 30, or is this conversation just proving the point that I'm still interested in what the scale has to say and thus should continue to avoid it until Day45?? I'm all ears here!!??