Wake Up: 8:00am Yea, I was up late finishing Sarah's Key. It was really sad and made me have weird dreams. I cried at the end. I didn't see what time I went to bed because my contacts were out, but it was after midnight I'm pretty sure.

Breakfast: 9:00am

I made hash, but yesterday I was rather spacey and I burned some stuff, hash being one of them. So now I'm stuck eating kinda burned hash for a few days. It was still good: sweet potatoes, onion and kale. I topped it with 2 eggs, avocado and salt and pepper.

photo 3

Swim: 11:30am

I got in another swim today. We are supposed to get an arctic blast so I wanted to swim in the outdoor pool early today. I had a good swim, it was alone, about 1900 Meters. I finished the swim workout that I did 1/2 of yesterday. I would like to keep swimming on a daily basis, it's good for me.

Lunch: 1:00pm

The last Salmon cake, some turkey meatballs, and leftover roasted veggies. Seriously, my leftovers are better than eating out. Especially if you are eating out and staying on Whole30. It can be slim pickings. This was good though. Filled me up.

photo 2

Dinner: 6:00pm

We went out to eat tonight! Gasp! I found this place I had never been to called the Slotted Spoon. It's a Chipotle type place where you order up front, sit down and they bring it out. They specialize in meatballs. And all their meatballs are gluten free. You can choose from sandwiches, pasta, or salad. I went with salad. I got one that had mushrooms and grilled onions. I really picked it because it had a vinaigrette and not a ranch-type dressing. I had them hold the provolone that was supposed to be on it. I also got a side of kale that had bacon in it. It also had whole roasted cloves of garlic. I felt really healthy eating all that kale, it was a lot. I was pretty darn full. Nice to find a Whole30 compliant meal out.

photo 1

Off My Game:

I was off my game today. I was good at the beginning of the day but I got really tired in the afternoon and that deteriorated into a fairly sour mood. More sad than foul. I was weepy today and felt hopeless at times about some of the decisions I have to make. Do you ever feel like there are certain people or situations in your life that bring out the worst in you? Like your two spirits are opposing forces, or a certain place just makes you sour? There are a few subjects/topics/people in my life that just send me down the wrong path. I see myself as a supportive compassionate person most the time. But I'm learning that sometimes I am not that person and I can pinpoint what/who sets me off.

What do you do in these situations? Avoid? I'm wondering if I need to just step away so that I'm not putting myself in a state of mind that seems lose lose for me. That's all I got for today.