Okay, today was good. I did some prepping. We leave on an epic 20 hour road trip on Friday or Saturday for California for the holidays so I was torn between making too much food and just a little. Then I realized, we'll just take it with us if we don't eat it all, so I went for it. It probably won't even make it until then anyways. We had a busy evening with Annie being at the reading tutor and doing some Christmas shopping. Troy and I actually ran to the bank and the store while she was getting tutored. We always stay and listen in, but today we ran errands. They were rushed and we had to stop and get Troy a burger because he was hungry, but it was okay. It's now become a family habit that I won't eat stuff that isn't at least close to Whole 30. No more junk or fast food, I'm happy to go along and not eat. This was a success because I was hungry too, but didn't want to settle for crap.

Prep it up. So, I'm totally stoked about my ability to multitask this evening. Annie sat and read 1/2 of a book to me in the kitchen today while I:

Chopped and got in the oven everything for Sweet Potato hash.

Stuck in like 5 additional sweet potatoes still in the skin into the oven with the hash.

Chopped and prepped two 9x11 pans worth of kobucha/pear/leek with nutmeg/EVOO/pomegranate juice.

Chopped up 3 chicken breasts that I had cooked last night and were in the fridge.

As PHASE 1 was finishing in the oven we finished the rest of the book in her bed.

Then I ran up and took out the hash and popped in the 9x11 pans of veggies....PHASE 2.

I read Annie a chapter from Matilda and did kisses and songs and tuck tuck.

Came back up to the kitchen, stirred the roasting veggies and cooked 2 lbs Grass Fed Organic ground beef in the cast iron skillet. I added some Wildtree (Whole 30 compliant) Cajun seasoning to the ground beef.

Finally I pulled out the pans from the oven and packed everything up into storage containers.

The whole process took about 50 minutes, and that included putting Annie to bed. I ended up with this:


BAM. Totally set up. 50 minutes and the right ingredients...BAM! So jazzed I got all this done. My rant for the day....I'm shaking my head over the beef I bought. I was at Sprouts. I like to shop there compared to King Soopers and it's closer to Annies tutor. It's small so you don't have to cover a lot of distance, but it has everything I need and very little of all the crap. Yea!

So they have organic beef! Sweet! And the package says....100% grass fed!! This is awesome. It's not pastured....but it's good right? Check out the little note underneath...



People...this is what is wrong with our food system. We live in Colorado for Peet's sake. We have miles and miles of cattle. We have TONS of pastured cattle, happy cows. How on earth is it easier to bring in organic beef from URUGUAY than to get some local beef, or even some American beef.

Okay....BUT I'm happy I've got organic beef, just sad it had to travel 9,000 miles to get here. But, I'm going to have to let it go.

Here we go...Day 1 of fueling workouts tomorrow. Excited!!!

Oh, and here it FINALLY is:

Sweet Potato Hash Recipe:

Preheat oven to 400.

- 2 BIG sweet potatoes, peel them, and dice them pretty small

- 1 BIG onion, I like purple, dice it as well, like 1/2 as big as the sweet potato dice you did.

- Optional - Kale, chopped fine

Mix it all up in a bowl with 1/4 cup EVOO (I know, I know) or Coconut Oil.

Add lots of salt and pepper (or Wildtree Ranchers steak rub if you have it)

Spread it out on a cookie sheet, mine has sides. You can do a 9x11 pan too.

Bake for 20 minutes

Stir it all around and then smooth it all back out

Bake it for 10 more minutes, repeat the stirring and smoothing

Bake for 5 more minutes or until the potatoes are soft.


Then to do the best fastest breakfast on earth:

Break 3 eggs into a bowl and stir while heating up nonstick omelet pan.

Put Sweet Potato Hash on the plate, fill the plate.

When pan is hot, pour in eggs, and right after pop hash into the microwave for 90 seconds.

Flip your eggs...or do what you need to do to cook them. While doing that, half and slice 1/2 avocado

When 90 seconds is up, pull out hash and top with eggs. Then top with avocado. S&P too.

This whole process takes me approximately 4.5 minutes from everything in the fridge to first bite.