2014 is a new year and for me brings a huge change in title sponsorship! Tribella Multisport is a Womens Tri Shop in downtown Denver that aims to empower and outfit all types of tri women in the Rocky Mountain Region. If you think "chick power" that's Tribella. I was in need of a new trishop home and when I walked in the doors, James said to me, "you're Sonja Wieck, I know your results and we want to be your new home." It was a great offer and the more I got to know about what the shop currently does, the more excited I got. concept

They support women. All shapes, all sizes, all ability levels, and all speeds. They partnered with Mile High Multisport coaching and help run a womens team built for women who are just getting into the sport. After spending some time in the shop I knew that this shop was in line with where I want to head, and they were ready and willing to support me in the ways that I need to get to the next level in my own performance. Also, they were just named Competitors best Tri shop for the Mountain Tri Region!

Plus, they have really cute cycling kits, which we women are interested it.



It will be a blast next year to get to know a new group of women in the Denver area, to support a shop that is helping to get more women into triathlon, and to wear a kit that screams "You go girl!"



And to Tribella, I can't thank you enough. Change is never easy and to have you guys believe in where I am headed and to understand the life that I have to lead to accomplish my big goal, that's not easy to sign onto. I hope to represent the shop to the best of my ability this year. Thank you for believing in me!

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Today was a big day of training and combined with waking up at 4:30 in the morning has made for a tired little triathlete. On the bike at 5:30am, I think that's the earliest I've ever been on the bike in my living room!

photo 4

Food today was lots of leftovers. Breakfast was the normal. No photo, too early. Lunch was so cute. I had just pulled into the driveway after a morning full of lifting and swimming and running and I was on the phone with my coach. So  I was sitting in the car talking and Troy comes out the front door with a plate of lunch all heated up.

photo 3

I ate that, and then I needed more food, because I was QUITE hungry, so I had some chili.

photo 2

That held me over to dinner where we attempted to clean out the fridge of it's leftovers. So I had a hodgepodge of things. chicken cakes, cucumber relish, brussels sprouts, and sweet potato hash.

photo 1

I'm off to pick up one of my athletes Kristi from the airport. She flew in to spend the weekend with me so we can kick start the year, take a look at her swim form, and make tweaks that are needed. I'm so excited to have her here! I love it when my athletes come visit.