I got knocked on my fanny this week. Troy got knocked on his as well. I ended up in the ER Tuesday night because I passed out while in the middle of my 6th or 7th case of bad diarrhea that was mixed with puking sessions (flu?). Troy called 911 and the EMTs were in my bathroom picking me up, BP was 80/55. Annie handled it like a champ, waved the Fire Truck down the driveway and wiped my tears in the ER. Troy drove following the ambulance, despite being on Perkaset and just having had a visit to the ER Monday morning for his back pain. Oddly other things are happening within my family right now that reminds me how lucky we are in that our troubles will ease with the passing of time. None of our problems require surgery or hospice. As much as the last few days have been rough and brought up many emotions my family has pulled together more than ever with lots of FaceTime chats home, and my dad and I have taken this as an opportunity to build our bond by helping each other through. It's like crocuses that bloom in the snow. Mom just blames it all on the Blood Moon...? crocus-7

Like I said, time will heal these things and I am so lucky in that I have people who care deeply about me, and me them, on my speed dial. I have too much love and support in my life to really feel down, just a hurdle and a reminder.

I was reminded this week that I need some down time. At first I thought "well, I just got the flu, this wasn't because I've been go go go, it's just because I got unlucky." That was my first response, recover from it and get moving again. Then I thought a little deeper and had a chat with Muddy, and realized...Ohhhh, yea, this is reality knocking on the door trying to provide a wake up call. Funny that I wrote a post about burning the candle at both ends and not 48 hours after hitting publish I'm in an ambulance headed to the ER. Coincidence? I wish...but no, it was not.

So now I'm taking some down time. Rest, relaxation, and sleep are on tap for the next few days. Even the lion sleeps most of the day.