shapeimage_17.jpgThe fall is such an interesting time for me. It’s always the time between a jam-packed summer and the anticipation of ski and snowshoe season. Making the transition in weather and daylight is always difficult for me and seems to force me into a reclusive mood. Let’s just say I end up baking a lot of cookies and forgetting to bring my coat when I leave the house.

It’s been a time of reflections, ahh-hah moments, and building excitement for what is to come. This last year has been a momentous build of many small successes. I have settled into my place as a mother, a wife, an athlete, and a skinny girl. Whew...tiring, but oh so much fun.

I have made some plans for the future in my time away from blogland, but they aren’t quite hammered down, so you will have to wait for the great reveal.

My season this year culminated with the Denver first time taking the 26.2 mile challenge.

On 11/6/2006 I ran my first 5K in a long time in 26:50...that’s 8:39min/mi pace. On 10/14/2007 I ran my first marathon in 3:32:55...that’s 8:07 min/mi. pace.

I am now wondering who is ready to take on the challenge to make a drastic change this year? The better question can I help you make a change...or even a series of small baby changes? This is a great time for change, no need to wait for the new year.

Again, how can I help? Transition Clinics? Snowshoe Clinics? Running Clinics? Join you at the gym? Nutrition support? Recipe advice? Accountability? What can I help with?

I know of a certain someone who is ready ...we stayed up late talking about it. Who else? How can I help?

Posts that are coming soon: Denver Marathon race report - I wrote this yesterday and as I finished the power in the house went out and I lost my post...maybe it was a sign? Very Exciting News - a press release will be involved, and let me just preface it by saying WOWzer! Annie’s 2nd Birthday - including some of the funny stuff she is doing lately.