shapeimage_18.jpgshapeimage_46.jpg shapeimage_55.jpg shapeimage_62.jpg There are 5 cracks completely through my helmet. shapeimage_72.jpg

So...I crashed my bike yesterday. Going downhill I turned my head to watch my coach pass on the way to pick up his glasses that he had dropped and when I turned my head back forward I ran into Anthony as he had slowed down (thank goodness I didn’t run into Tony). Anthony didn’t crash, I am really thankful for that. I smacked my head pretty hard and got some minimal road rash. I am so thankful that it was cold out and I was bundled up with tights and warm gloves and all. The guys got me picked up and back on my bike and down the hill.

I asked to stop at the bottom of the hill in Kittridge and it was really strange because I didn’t know where I was. I knew I was in Kittridge but didn’t know where Kittridge was or how we got there. I couldn’t remember the crash, or why it happened, nor could I think of my phone number. But I could remember my parents phone number. I was odd, I cried a little b/c I felt so disoriented, but standing there looking at Steve, Anthony, and Jon, I felt really safe. Almost like it was okay that I couldn’t remember where I was because I would just follow them and I would be fine. I surveyed the road rash...not bad at all, and after a few deep breaths Steve asked what I wanted to do. We were only about 1.5 hours into a 6 hour ride so I was ready to just keep riding. I got back on my bike and we finished out the ride. As I rode little things would come back to me and eventually I remembered the route we were riding and where Kittridge was, and what my phone number was. I even remembered how I crashed, and I remember laying there (very vaguely). I remember Steve saying “The best thing to do is get back on your bike and ride” which got me down the hill. Most of it came back just fine. I think it was just shock and as my dad says “You got your bell rung”.

My helmet is totaled, and all yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was to have a good was worth it’s money! My helmet has 5 fractures in it that run completely through the helmet. Two of the fractures are in the thickest part of the really absorbed the brunt of the crash.

I am feeling a little hailed today and my neck is really sore from the impact, but other than that, I am ALIVE, and HAPPY, and very thankful that Steve, Anthony and Jon were there.