I went to the doctor today. Dr Phillip Stull of Colorado Orthopedics Consultants took a look. There comes a point when you just want to know if you are dealing with anything structural, or just (I say "just" sarcastically) an overuse injury. X-rays were taken, the knee was inspected, and to my great relief I have an overuse injury. It was precisely what I thought, but there was always that 10% of doubt. It looks like I am doing the right thing with PT and decreased running. Continuing to run only when I am not in pain is the way to go. If I give it the rest it needs, it will be back up and running for me.

Several things of interest were mentioned in the visit. This is a common injury in pronators, I am so totally a supinator. Also, he sees this injury in people who run 15 miles a week, so I feel a little lucky that I didn't see this until running 46 miles straight. That's a good thing.

So what now? More of what I have been doing, getting better, and swimming my fanny off. I have had 2 pain free runs this week so I think I'm on the uphill swing.

Thanks for everyones well wishes! I'll be back to my crazy self in no time, I'm sure!