I love making new friends, especially speedy kick butt chick friends! Lynde spanked me at a local 5K race several weeks ago and thanks to her boyfriend contacting me, we met up today for a run. Lynde is super fast and is training for Boston. We have been trying to get together for several weeks and this one finally worked. What fun! I introduced her to the Highline Canal, and thank goodness for that. Now she won't have to run 3 million loops around Wash park for her long run! Her run was 17 today and mine was 12. I was excited to meet someone new and excited to see how we would run together. It all turned out quite smashing. I love hearing about peoples lives, how they got into running, and what their experiences with it have been. It's super neat to listen to where people are headed with their sport of choice, what their dreams are, and how they quantify their goals.


It was refreshing today to run hard. All this long running has left me content with 9-10 minute pace for a long ways. Sometimes I'm shocked that I am able to retain any speed at all. Todays run felt like I was cleaning out the pipes. Lynde has a great base, at a quick pace, she should do wonderfully at Boston. I felt lucky today to hang onto her, chat it up, and enjoy a gorgeous day in denver.

Thanks Lynde, for reminding me today that I can run sub 8 minute pace...for 12 miles...and talk the whole way through it. I can't wait to run more together.