Recently my schedule has been filled with lots of runs on Tuesday and Thursday. These are the days that Annie is in preschool for 2.5 hours so I have been utilizing this break to get in my workout. The closest great running location is Cherry Creek State Park. I live on the west side of the park and consider it my back yard, but Annie's school is close to the East side of the park so I have been EXPLORING. I should have known, but there are some great trails on that side, better trails than on my side of the park. This morning I decided I was going to attempt a complete circumnavigation of the Cherry Creek Reservoir, sticking as close as I could to the actual reservoir (so no cheating by using the bike path). It was a big task, one that had never been attempted by me or any of my friends (as far as I know). There was snow, and sleet, and I'm pretty sure it was uphill the entire way around.


I am totally kidding. The weather was great, the reservoir is completely frozen, and the entire trip around is about 7 miles. Since I now consider myself an expert on the trails in the park I was able to use my superior navigation skills to hop onto various dirt paths. Superior, hah, I only got lost about twice. But not for long.

This run would be totally awesome...except for one part. There is a path the entire way around...expect for one part. This part happens to be along about 1/3 of the dam section and it's just a Boulder field. In the summer it will be really fun to add in this technical section of boulder hopping, but in the winter (like now) you just hop onto the ice and run on that. I only heard like 5 or 6 ice cracking sounds. And, I'm still dry, so I guess the ice held

I'm thinking I'm going to attempt the run again on Thursday, this time without getting lost. If you want to join me email me or give me a call. I'm going at 8:30 and I'm going to add a little section that makes it an even 8 miles (I think, without a Garmin I'm not all that sure :)). I promise to be a good tour guide, to only get you lost once or twice, and I really really promise to pull you out of the water if you fall through the ice.

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