Wow, so today the run around the resevoir didn't happen. But even better did happen. It's 70 degrees here in Denver and my wonderful Hubby became Mr.Mom today so I could ride ride ride. Since Troy had to drop and pick up Annie from school, and we only have one car (love this) I decided to ride my bike to and from Steve's house with the actual ride in the middle. This meant I was to leave the house at 6:15 am, and for some reason I thought it would be light. It wasn't. I was headed in the opposite direction of all the commuting trafic, so other than people coming out of neighborhoods and turning I had my side of the road to myself. It was a blissful ride.

Once at Steves we took off to meet Tyler and Christy at our normal meet-up location. Everyone was in great spirits. It was so fun to chat and joke up Deer Creek. Tyler had time for a piece of Highgrade, and Steve had time for City View so I tagged along with Steve through City view. Half way up Highgrade I sort-of lost my fizzle and realized my breakfast was long gone. After Tyler departed and Steve hung back for me I downed a sandwich and perked back up.

Getting back to Steve's and knowing I had another 60-70 minutes of riding to get home wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I refilled my bottles, had some Clif Shot Bloks and headed on my way. It was beautiful out and I even thought I might get a sunburn. Highlands Ranch has a lot of hills, how does anyone live there? I love hills, but seriously, it's like they put them there on purpose.

All in all 6.5 hours after I left I rolled back into my garage. It was a great day, with great company. Thank you Ty for the gloves!

I learned: Knee Warmers ROCK THE HOUSE. After borrowing a set of these from Steve, I am smitten with them and want like 500 pairs.

I also learned: Laughing makes riding more fun.

The best part: No pain today (or yesterday, or the day before). To all of you out there that are injured, I feel (deep in my core) for you and hope that pain free days are in your future because...THEY ROCK!