appstore_hero20081217.jpg I don't even know how. As I you know am totally addicted to Mac. I'm not computer savy, okay, I am, but I'm not at the same time. I like to figure things out. Mac is perfect for me b/c they enable you to do a lot if you are curious. I love my iMac.

The best thing about mac is how seamless everything is. I love the MobileMe concept where my email, calendar, and address book are accessible on any computer. I love that.

I was kinda anti-iPhone. After all, we spent the last year getting out of debt and we did that by keeping what's important to us (triathlon, adventure) and cutting down on everything else (used car, used clothing for everyone, low food budget, no shopping). Among the frugle community the iPhone is like the devil. It's seen as the ultimate luxury.

Last year when my phone broke I begged my mom (who works at Palm) to scrounge me up a new one for free. With some help from her Palm friends I had a new phone. Well, last week the speaker in the phone quit working, so I had to take all my calls on speaker phone and stay in a quiet place (you all know I have a 3 year old, right?).

Yesterday I mentioned to Troy that maybe I could get an iPhone. We looked at the price (very reasonable) and the features (wow), and I went and bought one (totally easy process).

I DONT KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING. I AM IN LOVE. I can't even describe how cool these phones are. How can a phone do so much and be so much fun. It's like an extension of my computer. I can even blog from it. Wow.

So, if you have an iPhone, I feel blessed to be in your little club, and if you don't, you should check them out, especially if your email address ends with