Somedays are just easy. Today was one of those. Good Friends: Michael (PIC's husband): going for a steady 10 today.

Tyler: did my workout with me, tempo efforts and all

Troy (AKA Stroller Man): did 10 pushing Annie the whole way

Good Trail: Highline Canal, a dusting of snow from last night, full sun, gorgeous

Good Work: tempo efforts were solid and descending. Tyler was the time keeper, thus requiring him to run with me despite my brief desire to run 5:50 pace :)

Today was easy. It didn't feel like Ironman training. Looking at the week ahead, this was apparently my rest day. :)


Tyler and Michael p2211338.jpg

Stroller Man p2211345.jpg

The Imp p2211343.jpg

Stroller Man throwing the smack down on the last mile p2211347_2.jpg