mainmenu_r1_c1_f2.jpg I am really excited! I have been talking to my friends about this great new race on the scene, Rev3 Triathlon. You have probably seen the ads in Triathlon and there is a buzz about it going around. I REALLY wanted to race it this year (inaugural year) but it was a week before Kansas 70.3 (the first race I signed up for) and Rev3 is a long course as well. Back to back long courses... several months ago Steve-O discouraged the notion.

I had a nice talk with Steve last night and told him I really wanted to do the race, even if it meant Kansas was out. We discussed it and he gave me his "coaches recommendation". So... I'm going to go! I will wait until after Rev3 to make a call on Kansas. We will let me recover the week in-between and see how it goes. Kansas is going to be a hoot because Troy and I scored a camping spot at the race site. So it will be a drive/camp/race sort of deal, which will be mucho Wieck family fun!

So. Rev3! I really want to go this year so that I can have a solid leg to stand on while trying to convince ALL my teammates to participate next year. This race is the ULTIMATE in family friendly. It's held at an amusement park in Middlebury, Connecticut that remains open for the spectators (I can't believe I just spelled Connecticut right on the first try). Trakkers will be in full force at the race, so the spectators can keep a virtual eye on their athletes while jumping on rides.

If you have been thinking about a fun June 1/2 with lots of great competition, I would seriously look into this race!