Last week after riding Epic twice I had a rest day. I was noticing that my recovery wasn't coming as quickly as usual. I felt a bit hailed most of the day, and also felt a bit off. I laid around the entire day. Friday I woke up with a sore throat, ah hah, that makes perfect sense. I don't get sick often, I'm quite a healthy sturdy individual (Duh). After talking to Steve we figured that the 2.5 hours of riding in freezing temperatures probably did it. There is something about getting bone cold that usually makes your body susceptible to illness.

So, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent laying on the couch, with the exception of a Friday evening movie with my girlfriends...which also entailed one (just one) margarita, that I probably should have passed on. Troy said its the most I have laid on the couch our entire marriage.

I never felt totally horrible, just sick with a cold. I feel like I am finally learning when to push and when not to, when you are sick, lay low, rest, catch up on movies. When you are unmotivated...find motivation and push through, but when you are sick, sit on your fanny and get better.

Today I hit up Masters this morning and was so jazzed and enthused to be in the pool. My Masters coach Paul is back, I love him to death, so it's great to be back in the pool with his smile on deck. The first half I felt like I had an ear infection, but after rubbing my neck to help my sinus drain, I felt just fine.

So, the lesson...sick = rest. Don't sweat it, don't harass yourself, just get better.

Movies Watched: Yes Man Nick & Noras Infinite Playlist Idiocracy Vicky Cristina Barcelona