img_0967_jpg.jpg So about a month ago USAT announced that if you competed at Nationals in Portland, or you were a previous Team USA member, for $30 you could enter into a lottery to get a spot on Team USA and the chance to compete at World Championships in Australia. They stated that they were giving away one spot per age group. You all remember how close I was to qualifying for Worlds this year? About 10 seconds close.

$30...Hummm. Well, with a little prodding from Steve, I entered the lottery. What the heck, I've never won any sort of lottery in my life, and you know, who needs $30 these days?

Today I found out that I got the slot! After all the craziness 5 months ago with thinking I was in, then not in, well...apparently if you don't get your hopes up for something, it has a better chance of happening! I AM GOING TO BE ON TEAM USA! VIA the LOTTO of all places. I paid my entry fee so fast it wasn't even funny.

I think Troy almost had a heart attack, while being totally ecstatic for me, he's also scratching his head because funding it will require some creativity. Luckily flights to Australia are down from $1000+ to about $750, and did you know that Quantas and Air New Zealand don't charge for your bike as long as it's under 50 (70 for ANZ) pounds with some attainable length requirements. Yip!!!

I got my Travel Visa approved like 10 minutes ago...easy process, very quick, instant approval! So, I am on my way. Whew, big sigh of happiness and excitement.

Now, all of you out there...looking for someone to spend a couple hours with you for some running form analysis, or a customized and coached track workout? Need something sewn, knitted, or crocheted? Want a one-on-one transition clinic? Really, for a donation of any size to the Get Sonja To Worlds Fund...I can put together great workouts, and love to do form clinics.

I bake too...make great pizza dough, and I can assemble an awesome looking fruit platter.

Let me know...?? Really, I'm not kidding...

I'M GOING TO AUSTRALIA!!!!! Wow! I'm still in shock!