Ahhh, a challenging track workout today! It was the opposite of the negative split work out, it was the "hold onto Karen who is a kick a$$ pro triathlete until you die" workout. Then on the next interval do it again, and again, and again. After awhile I just had to laugh. When I was running, and bonking over and over and over again it hurt...oh it hurt so bad. I wanted to be angry at Steve for setting me up for failure. But, you know, I wasn't mad at him, I knew that the success was because of him and the failure was because of me. Also, with failure comes opportunity. I set a new Tuesday Track Club mile PR at 5:53 and did it in the most WRONG way possible...Positive splitting the entire thing. Hah, that's just funny. I learned a few things tonight.

1.) Keeping a smile on your face and a positive attitude while your hurting really badly is HARD...BUT it gets easier the more you practice. Last year I remember when Steve made me stick on Jay and I was so mad at him. Same workout, but this year I was able take personal accountability and to laugh at the end of it.

2.) Karen intimidates me. And it's funny, because she is the nicest person out there, always waves when someone cheers for her, always a smile. If she's hurting out there, you would never know it. Great role model, but she scares me too!

3.) Once I bonk, it's really hard to pull it back together. I seem to just enter into a downward spiral. After a little rest I can pull it back together for awhile, but if I go out to bonk again...it gets harder and harder to come back from. Five bonks and I'm a toasted cookie. Not sure if this was mental, I'm sure part of it is, probably a larger part than I am willing to admit at present.

4.) Bonking is humiliating, and it's good to get humiliated sometimes.

So there are a few lessons. The worse it hurts, the more you learn. In the end, laugh it off, and chalk it up to "Yea, good times".