My friend Laurie over at "The Making of a Trophy Wife" blogged today about quitting sugar. I personally struggle with sugar and with indulgences, especially during training lulls, or stressful emotional times. When I am training extremely hard I tend to loose my appetite and don't tend to indulge but when the volume decreases or the intensity is toned down I find myself hitting up sugar based desserts in the afternoon and evenings. So, here it goes. Other than during training gels and bloks, no SUGAR...33 days.

I'm looking forward to the more even insulin levels, to the decrease in mood swings, and to the extra pep in my body. Not to mention the decrease in headaches that have started to become a little too common. How about you? Interested in joining me? You can do anything for 33 days right? Or...are you addicted too?

Here is a great blog about a lady who quit sugar for an entire year and blogged the entire way through called My Year Without Sugar.

Need another reason to join Laurie and I? How about here.