So the week before the bike race (last week) I spent time with my parents in California. It's always so nice to go back to see my parents because they take care of me, and because I miss them. It's hard to have a three year old and to live states away from half of her grandparents. They love it when she comes to visit, and this time we took her to Great America (the local amusement park in San Jose). It's was such a hoot. She got to meet Dora and she had a great time telling Dora "same" and pointing to Dora's picture in the map. Oh yea, Diego was there too, but to a three year old little girl Diego is as good as chopped liver. p5231969.jpg

Annie was awesome with all the rides and she wanted more and more. Even though she is tall, the heigth restriction still left her bummed out a few times. But, I will say, we will not have to convince her to get on a roller coaster when she is tall enough, she was 100% and screamed with laughter on every ride we took her on.

All by herself on a kiddie ride (my dad took this photo) img_9982.jpg

The Log Jammer p5231974.jpg

Coming Down (dad took this one too) img_0044.jpg

We took her over to the water park portion of the park (where I could have hung out all day) (more dad shots) img_0007.jpg img_9998.jpg

At the end of the day Annie was knackered. We wanted to take her to the Merry-Go_Round to get some cute pictures, but she wouldn't cooperate. At the list minute my dad was forced onto an animal or he had to get off. He hopped on the closest thing to him, and I DIED laughing, it was a Merry-Go-Pig. I have a picture, and it's insanely funny, but I know that all his friends at work read this blog and I don't want them to make fun of him, so I'm gonna have to keep that one to myself...

Lastly, on Tuesday we traveled down to my old stomping ground, Los Osos. I haven't been there in over 5 years when Troy and I briefly drove through. We met up with my best friend from youth and tromped around our old neighborhood, but this time with our little girls.

Love Ya Lauren, so terribly glad that we are in touch again. I love facebook! p5261989.jpg