mainmenu_r1_c1_f2.jpg Tomorrow morning I am off to the REV3 triathlon in Middlebury Connecticut. I am so darn excited about this race I can hardly stand it. Trakkers is a major sponsor and it's the first time that I will have the pleasure of wearing a Trakkers devise. I will post all information on Saturday here on this blog concerning how to watch me race. The race is Sunday, my wave takes off at about 7:30. I will describe the process here but in order to watch me race you will got to a site, click on a few links and then you should see a page with a map and such. A little green blip should represent where I am on the course and over to the right of the page you should see my stats. I don't race with a heart rate monitor so that part will be blank. If you go to the actual race website ( they will have multiple live camera views that you should be able to toggle between. I think that you will find spectating this race from afar a completely new experience in triathlon.

So, look for more information here Saturday, and wish me luck as I travel solo out to Connecticut to race. By the way, the word on the street is that I get to meet Bree Wee and Michael Lovato. So excited!!