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Chris, Troy, and I had a blast doing the Copper Triangle last weekend. Roger and Marla watched Annie the entire day while we rode 78 miles from Copper Mountain, to Leadville, to Vail and back to Copper. It was a blast. Everyone did so well on the ride. It’s a supported ride that you pay for and about 2,600 people did it this year. They have 5 aid stations and lots of bike support and Highway Patrol helping out. I was super impressed!

My coach Steve had taken me out on a 64 mile ride the day before and thoroughly spanked me, so I was a little nervous about the ride and my level of soreness. I think it was the best thing I could have done. I was sore to start, but by 10-15 miles in I was crusin’ and feelin’ good!

Vail pass was the tough part for everyone. It’s long, it’s grueling...but they had brownies and watermelon at the top, so who can complain? The sense of accomplishment when you get up to the top is awesome!

Great job to Chris, Troy and Christie! We sure had a blast. Thanks one million times over to Roger and Marla for watching Annie and enjoying the weekend with us. It was really nice to get some non-annie time together with my husband!