The blog has been quiet! I've been out here in California, visiting my parents and training hard. It's been so nice to have some time with my parents, this trip was especially needed, I've been missing them. Annie has been spoiled rotten and it's going to be tough weaning her off all the indulgences when we head back home. This weekend I compete in the Vineman 70.3. One of my training partners Keith is coming out for the race, so it will be nice to see him on the course. I have heard Vineman is a great race, so I'm excited to be involved in another 70.3 and to race with lots of studly competition. It's not just Annie that's been spoiled, my parents have spoiled the HECK out of me. I can't even go into all the details, because you would get insanely jealous, but the most substantial are these :::>>> wr.jpg

They are a set of Reynolds SDV66T Wheels. The crazy part was that my dad talked to Steve and ordered them from him. Steve glued the tires on and got everything all set up. Then he mailed them out to my dad here in Cali. Everyone, including my husband and PIC knew about them, and I DIDN'T SUSPECT A THING. They were a total surprise, so much so that I am still in shock. These will be with me for a very long time, and although it sounds so sappy it's special to me that Steve was involved and that Troy knew as well.

So, ASAP they are going to get put on bad girl Scarlett. She was been on very good behavior here in Cali, but that's probably because I take her out to the beach and ride her all over the place. water.jpg

Of course it would be wrong of me not to take along my personal photographer. ride1.jpg

Scarlett has been so happy here with sunny days, and cool ocean breeze ride2.jpg

She's ready for Vineman, she's peppy and happy. ride3.jpg

I also told her that she has a new Partner in Crime (PIC), and I told her that they are twins except for bar tape. She is very excited to meet her and hopes that they will be best friends forever.

Congratulations to those that raced Boulder Peak, bummer that the swim was long, but Congrats to all the persevered!!

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