This Sunday I am racing the Vineman 70.3. They will have athlete tracker going for the race. I usually go to the main page of and they have a link for the races that are currently running. Also, Vineman has several twitter accounts that they will post updates about the race leaders, so follow @vinemantri and @DL83 for those. Joanna Zeiger is racing, as is Craig Alexander. Oh, and my mom will be tweeting on my phone during the race, so be sure you are following @gosonja. I will tweet before and after, lots of pics and pro sightings if I can find them! My wave takes off at 7:18am Pacific Time. Also, my teammate Keith Negri is racing if you want to look him up on athlete tracker too, I'm sure he will LOVE that I'm telling all of you that! Muh-Ahh-Hah-Hah.

And, finally, Troy flies in tonight and I am so stinkin' excited. I've missed him. I've worked hard to gussy myself up for his arrival, maybe I should buy some flowers or something! So, safe travels to Troy (and to Keith and Nancy as well) as they travel out to Cali for what is going to be some fantastic weather and racing!